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Heidelberg University Front Runner in Sociology and Economics (Political Economics) — New CHE Ranking

Press Release No. 8/2008
18 12 2008
Rector Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel: “Heidelberg University has established itself as one of the leading German research universities in sociology and economics”
“The quality of a university reveals itself in its disciplines. Universities can only be meaningfully compared on the basis of the research done in individual subjects” (DIE ZEIT, 17 December 2008). Every year the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE), in collaboration with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, assesses the research achievements of German universities in selected subjects. The CHE Research Ranking 2008 undertakes a reappraisal of these achievements in sociology, business administration and economics. Heidelberg University makes an excellent showing in this new ranking, figuring among the leading German universities in the categories sociology and economics (the University does not offer courses in business administration).

In sociology Heidelberg is up among the leaders in three categories of the new research ranking: the absolute and relative number of research publications and the amount of external funding acquired relative to the number of researchers. In economics Heidelberg University figures among the front runners in four categories: publications and doctorates (absolute figures) and external funding and doctorates relative to the number of researchers.

The media partner of the CHE Research Ranking, DIE ZEIT, published the results in the edition dated 17 December 2008 (No. 52). For further information, go to

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