Major Theoretical Chemistry Award for Heidelberg

8 08 2008
ERC Advanced Investigators Grant for Professor Lorenz Cederbaum — Important impulses for research in theoretical chemistry over the next few years
Only scientists of remarkable international standing qualify for research awards in the framework of the European Research Council’s Advanced Grant Programme. The award monies run into the millions and are designed to promote particularly promising research work. So far this year, eight of these awards have gone to German scientists and one of them to the University of Heidelberg. Professor Lorenz Cederbaum, holder of the chair of theoretical chemistry since 1979, has been awarded such a grant.

Cederbaum’s research revolves around the way in which atoms and molecules pass on surplus energy efficiently to neighbouring atoms and molecules. His research group had theoretically predicted the basic mechanism involved and this mechanism has since been confirmed experimentally beyond all doubt. These findings imply major potential for essential research in molecular physics. The ERC Advanced Investigators Grant is designed to encourage further work in this field.

“The Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences is very proud that a scientist from within its ranks has been selected for such prestigious support from the European Research Council,” said the dean of the Faculty, Professor Lutz H. Gade on hearing the news of the distinction accorded to Lorenz Cederbaum. “It will provide important impulses for research in the field of theoretical chemistry over the next few years.”

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