FPL 08 Conference at Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics (KIP)

21 08 2008
The International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL) will take place at Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics (University of Heidelberg) from September 8 to 10, 2008
FPL is the first, largest and leading conference covering the rapidly growing area of field-programmable logic. During the past 17 years, many of the advances achieved in reconfigurable architectures, applications, design methods and tools have been first published in the proceedings of the FPL conference series.

Its objective is to bring together researchers and industry from all over the world for a wide ranging discussion of FPGAs, including, but not limited to: applications, advanced electronic design automation
(EDA), novel system architectures, embedded processors, arithmetic, dynamic reconfiguration, etc.

This year more than 200 researchers from all over the world are expected. All key companies will be presenting their new tools and chips at an exhibition.

Four keynotes address "FPGAs as the future platform for transforming, transportation and computing data", "FPGAs in High Energy Physics experiments at CERN", the "search for E.T. with FPGAs" and "High Performance Computing based on FPGAs". More information can be found on

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