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Success at International Competition for Science Communication

19 June 2018

Dr Veli Vural Uslu from Heidelberg wins German final and takes second place internationally

Heidelberg researcher Dr Veli Vural Uslu won "FameLab Germany" and represented Germany at the international final of this science communication competition, where he took second place. The challenge for the participants: explain complex scientific processes to a lay audience in only three minutes – with clarity and charisma. "FameLab" is organised by the British Council. Dr Uslu won over the jury with his explanation on why certain viruses are good for organisms, including humans and plants. Veli Vural Uslu is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Organismal Studies at Heidelberg University.

Every year since 2011, young researchers compete in the "FameLab" regional heats across Germany. The top two participants from each of the regional preliminaries go on to compete in the "FameLab Germany" final. In mid-May 2018, ten young research talents took the stage in Bielefeld for the chance to represent Germany at the international final. As the winner, Dr Uslu travelled to Great Britain at the beginning of June. Twenty-seven finalists competed in the "FameLab International" final, which was held during the Cheltenham Science Festival. The top spot went to Malaysia. Second place was awarded twice – to Germany and to Australia. Veli Vural Uslu is the first competitor from Germany to ever "medal" in the final. The audience prize went to the representative from Romania.

Veli Vural Uslu is a member of the "Plant Molecular Biology" research group led by Prof. Dr Rüdiger Hell at the COS. "FameLab", the self-styled largest competition for science communication in the world, is organised by the British Council, Great Britain's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.


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