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Sebastian Harnisch is Professor for International Relations and Foreign Policy at Heidelberg University and Deputy Executive Director of the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE). His research and publications encompass comparative foreign and security policy analysis, theories of International Relations, nonproliferation, cyber policy and climate change policy issues. His most recent publications include “China’s International Roles”, New York & London 2016; “Sonderbeziehungen als Nexus zwischen Außenpolitik und internationalen Beziehungen”, Baden-Baden 2015; “Deutsche Außenpolitik und internationale Führung: Ressourcen, Praktiken und Politiken in einer veränderten Europäischen Union”, Baden-Baden 2014.

He has taught at Trier University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Al-Farabi National Kazakh University, Almaty. He has been Research Fellow at Columbia University in New York, Yonsei University in Seoul and the Japan Center for International Exchange in Tokyo.

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