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Heidelberg University
Institute of Political Science
Bergheimer Straße 58
69115 Heidelberg

Phone: +49-6221-54-2866

Room-No.: 03-014



Nikitas Scheeder studied Political Science, Media and Communication Studies and Sociology at the University of Mannheim and Heidelberg University and received his M.A. in 2020. His research interest focusses on quantitative conflict research – especially the spatial dimension of conflict, the influence of autonomy-arrangements on conflict (de-)escalation and the connection between militarization and conflict. Since April 2022 he works as an associate lecturer and since July 2023 he is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Political Science at Heidelberg University. For additional information, please refer to his CV here.


Croissant, A., Kuehn, D., Bayer, M., & Scheeder, N. (2024). Remilitarisation in Asia: Trends and Implications. GIGA Focus Asia, 2(2024). Hamburg. DOI:

Bayer, M., Bethke, F. S., Croissant, A., & Scheeder, N. (2023). Back in Business or Never Out? Military Coups and Political Militarization in Sub-Sahara Africa. PRIF Spotlight, 13(2023). Frankfurt/M. DOI:

Bayer, M., Croissant, A., Izadi, R., & Scheeder, N. (2023). Multidimensional Measures of Militarization (M3): A Global Dataset. Armed Forces & Society. ​

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