Aditya Batara Gunawan

Aditya Batara Gunawan  


Aditya Batara Gunawan is a doctoral student from Indonesia with research interests in legislative politics, civil-military relations, defense transformation, and conflict resolution. He is also a junior faculty member at the Political Science Department, Bakrie University. Previously he was extensively involved in civil society advocacy of security sector reform agenda in Indonesia and later joined the defense committee of the Indonesian Parliament (DPR) as expert staff.

His dissertation project explores the nexus between legislative capabilities, political incentive, and civilian control institutionalization in post-reformasi Indonesia. To examine this topics he compares legislative activities and legislative output within the Indonesian parliament on defense and military affairs from 1999-2014. This research project is supported by the DAAD scholarship. 


M.Litt, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of St. Andrews, 2009. 
B.Soc.Sci. Political Science, University of Indonesia, 2005. 


  • Gunawan, A.B. (Forthcoming 2018). Military’s growing assertiveness on non-defense missions in post-reformasi Indonesia in Aurel Croissant & Thomas Bruneau (eds). 
  • Gunawan, A.B. (2018). The politics of shari’a law: Islamist activists and the state in democratizing Indonesia by Michael Buehler, Democratization, 25:3, 564-565.
  • Gunawan, A. B. (2017). Civilian control and defense policy in Indonesia’s Nascent democracy. In A. Croissant & D. Kuehn (Eds.), Reforming civil-military relations in new democracies (pp. 129–150). Heidelberg: Springer VS.
  • Gunawan, A.B. (2017). Kontrol Sipil atas Militer dan Kebijakan Pertahanan di Indonesia Pasca Orde Baru. Jurnal Politik, Vol.2, No.2. 
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