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Further Information

Staff Mobility for Training

The ERASMUS Programme enables university staff to undertake advanced training and further education in countries involved in the programme with the aim of increasing internationalisation. The duration of such periods abroad can range from two days, to a maximum of two months. Funding includes a daily allowance and covers travel expenses. Extra funding is available for funded individuals with children and for those with a disability.

Funding is available for the following forms of training: visiting classes, job shadowing, study visits, participation in workshops, seminars or language courses.

Many universities offer so-called staff weeks. They last around five working days and include relevant workshops or language courses. An according database can be found here.


Deadlines and Application

Applications for funding for Staff Mobility for Training programmes must be submitted in writing to the International Relations Office 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the mobility period at the latest. Applications must contain the following information:

  • the name of the member of staff from Heidelberg University and a description of their position
  • the name of the host university or company based abroad
  • the planned time / duration of the period abroad and short description of the work programme


Daily Allowance

Countries are categorised in four groups to determine the amount of daily allowance received as part of the Staff Mobility programme.

Due to limited funds, funding can only be awarded for a maximum of 3 working days, plus a one-off payment for travel expenses.

Group 1: EUR 160 per day
Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden

Group 2: EUR 140 per day
Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus

Group 3: EUR 120 per day
Germany (incomer),Latvia , Malta, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain

Group 4 EUR 100 per day
Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia


Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are reimbursed depending on the actual distance between the home institution and the receiving institution. All distances travelled within Europe are calculated using the same calculation tool (see “distance calculator”, right-hand column).

100 km - 499 km: EUR 180

500 km - 1,999 km: EUR 275

2,000 km - 2,999 km: EUR 360

3,000 km - 3,999 km: EUR 530

4,000 km - 7,999 km: EUR 820

8,000 km and above: EUR 1,100

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