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Form "Vorschlagsblatt Bürokratieabbau“ (Ger)

Paper "Taskforce für Bürokratieabbau" (Ger)


Taskforce on Reducing Bureaucracy

(Working period: January - July 2018)


Under the guidance of the former Vice-President for Finance and Personnel Dr. Angela Kalous a taskforce for reducing bureaucracy had been founded.


The task was to identify simplifications of administrative procedures within a limited period of time and to implement them with the help of the departments involved. The taskforce asked for proposals in December 2017. A total of 167 proposals have been received.


A specia issue of Newsletter Caroline is dedicated to the work and important results of the Taskforce on Reducing Bureaucracy.

Special issue 8/2018 (PDF)

The Members of the Taskforce on Reducing Bureaucracy

  • Dr. Angela Kalous, former Vice-President for Finance and Personnel
  • Prof. Dr. A. Stephen K. Hashmi, Vice-President for Research and Transfer
  • Prof. Dr. Ursula Kummer, Faculty for Biosciences, Centre for Organismal Studies Heidelberg
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Lobinger, Faculty of Law, Institute for Civil Law, Labour Law and Insolvency Law
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Stefan M. Maul, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Assyriology
  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. Klaus Kempter, Dean’s office, Faculty of Modern Languages
  • Dr. Martina Schaade, Dean’s office, Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Ralf Tolle, Centre for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University
  • Daniela Fabian, University Computing Centre
  • Maria-Paulina Heisenberg-Krebs, University Administration
  • Senni Hundt, University Administration
  • Tim Krützfeldt, University Administration
  • Matthias Rolle-Weidemann, University Administration

Status: September 2018


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