Prof. Dr. Fritz Lienhard

Professor of Practical Theology (Church Theory and Pastoral Theology), University of Heidelberg


After four years of ministry in the Alsace region, Fritz Lienhard began teaching Practical Theology in Montpellier (France) from 1997-2006. In 2006 he became Professor of Practical Theology at Heidelberg. He is familiar with different expressions of church and has a decidedly international perspective on his research. Prof. Lienhard also works with junior pastors, mediating between theology and church experience. In his research he also mediates between practical theological and systematic aspects.


Fritz Lienhard is currently working on a book on the future of the church: Religious Change and the Reform of the Churches is located between the poles of secularization theories and ecclesiology. His most important publications include: De la pauvreté au service en Christ, Paris 2000; Souffrance humaine et croix du Christ, Lyon 2006; Grundlegung der Praktischen Theologie, Leipzig 2012; (with Adrian Bölle) Zur Sprache befreit - Diakonische Christologie, Neukirchen-Vluyn 2013; co-ed. with Isabelle Grellier: Attentes religieuses dans le Protestantisme en France et en Allemagne, Berlin/Münster/Zürich 2017.


Department in FIIT
XV. Religious Rites of Passage in Contemporary Society

Projects within the framework of FIIT


  • Pastoral Communication surrounding Religious Rites of Passage


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