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Concepts of Peace in Asia and the West

Between 1984 and 2015, 49 doctoral students from South Korea received the degree "Dr. theol." at Heidelberg University's Theological Faculty. Not only did they write their doctoral thesis in a foreign language, but they also managed to demonstrate their knowlege of Biblical Hebrew, Classical Greek, and Latin in the "Rigorosum", the final theological exam for doctoral candidates in Germany.

FIIT opens up opportunities for a new level of bilateral collaboration with theologians and institutions from South Korea. Scholars in Residence from South Korea have come to Heidelberg in recent years. A series of consultations has been initiated. The recently founded "Center for the Study of Science and Religion" at Hanshin University, Seoul, - whose president received his doctorate at Heidelberg University - cooperates with the FIIT. Seoul Theological University has started a series of consultations with the University of Heidelberg. In November 2015, Proffs. Peter Lampe, Manfred Oeming, Philipp Stoellger, and Michael Welker have participated in a consultation on "Concepts of Peace in Asia and the West".

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