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Research Center for Distributional Conflict and Globalization

The Research Center for Distributional Conflict and Globalization (FVG – Forschungszentrum für Verteilungskonflikte und Globalisierung) was created to facilitate interdisciplinary research projects. It belongs to the Field of Focus 4 (Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Organisations), which is one of four main areas of interdisciplinary research established at Heidelberg University during the first phase of the Excellence Initiative.
The FVG constitutes a collaboration platform for researchers from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, which includes sociologists, economists, and political scientists. In cooperation with the Centre for Social Investment (CSI), interdisciplinary research teams at the FVG are exploring a variety of issues that transcend economic, political, and societal boundaries. CSI analyses both the patterns and the legal, institutional, and personal preconditions of civic engagement. It is the only interdisciplinary and international institute of its kind in Europe that is supported by a comprehensive university. It offers teaching, research and advice in economics, social sciences, law, political science, theology and educational science and combines the contributions of faculty members of several disciplines to support interdisciplinary research.

Participating Institutions:

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Max-Weber-Institut (MWI)
Institute of Sociology
  Alfred-Weber-Institut (AWI)
Institute of Economics
Institut für Politische Wissenschaft (IPW)
Institute of Political Science
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Centrum für Soziale Investitionen und Innovationen (CSI)
Centre for Social Investment


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