Chair of Economic Theory

Prof. Jörg Oechssler, Ph.D.




"A Test of Mechanical Ambiguity", forthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (with Alex Roomets). Video of the Galton box: here.


"Premium Auctions and Risk Preferences: An Experimental Study", Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 87, issue C (2014), 467-484g (with Christoph Brunner and Audrey Hu).


EconomicExperiments@Heidelberg: A forum of experimental economists at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.


"How do subjects view multiple sources of ambiguity?", Theory and Decision, 78 (2015),339–356 (with Jürgen Eichberger and Wendelin Schnedler).


"Unintended Hedging in Ambiguity Experiments", Economics Letters 122 (2014), 243-246 (with Alex Roomets)..


"Hierarchy, Coercion, and Exploitation: An Experimental Analysis", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 97 (2014), 155-168 (with Nikos Nikiforakis and Anwar Shah). Here  is a blog entry of the HUMAN RESOURCES JOURNAL about this paper.


"When is tit-for-tat unbeatable?, International Journal of Game Theory, Volume 43, Issue 1 (2014), (with Peter Duersch and Burkhard C. Schipper).


"Finitely repeated games with social preferences", Experimental Economics, 16(2) (2013), 222-231.


"How do subjects view multiple sources of ambiguity?" mimeo 2012 (with Jürgen Eichberger and Wendelin Schnedler).


"Unbeatable Imitation", Games and Economic Behavior 76 (2012), 88-96 (with Peter Duersch and Burkhard Schipper).




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