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Political Economics

Behavioral Economics

Experimental Economics


What are the best quorum rules? A laboratory investigation (with L. Aguiar-Conraria and P.C.Magalhães) Public Choice (forthcoming).

Legislative bargaining with costly communication (with Anna Merkel), Public Choice (forthcoming).

Legislative bargaining with heterogeneous disagreement values: theory and experiments (with L. Miller and M. Montero), Games and Economic Behavior, 107 (2018), 60-92.

Who never tells a lie? Experimental Economics, 20 (2017),448-459 (working paper version)

The dynamics of coalition formation - a multilateral bargaining experiment with free timing of moves (with J. Tremewan), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 130 (2016), 33-46.

Experimental Evidence that Quorum Rules Discourage Turnout and Promote Election Boycotts (with L. Conraria and P. Magalhaes), Experimental Economics, 19 (2016), 886-909.

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An experimental study on the incentives of the probabilistic serial mechanism (with M. Kurino and D. Hugh-Jones), Games and Economic Behavior, 87 (2014), 367-380.

Adaptive Preferences, Normative Individualism, and Individual Liberty: Comment, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 170 (2014), 43-48.

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Voting on a sharing norm in a dictator game, Journal of Economic Psychology, 31 (2010), 285-292.

Why do people keep their promises? An experimental test of two explanations, Econometrica, 76 (2008), 1467-1480.

“One Man, One Dollar?” Campaign contribution limits, equal influence, and political communication, Journal of Public Economics, 92 (2008), 514-531.


Legislative bargaining with joint production: An experimental study (with Anna Merkel)


Commitment and conflict in multilateral bargaining (with Topi Miettinen)

Promises and commitments (with Arjun Sengupta)

Logrolling affects the relative performance of alternative q-majority rules (with Liza Charroin)

Legislative bargaining with private information

Effects of decision rules in an unstructured multilateral bargaining experiment (with James Tremewan)


A short note on the rationality of the false consensus effect


Datensätze von einigen meiner Projekte sind erhältlich im AWI Experimental Economics data repository.


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