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Prof. Christoph Vanberg, Ph.D.


Alfred-Weber-Institute of Economics

Bergheimer Str. 58

D-69115 Heidelberg

Phone +49 6221 54 2912
Fax +49 6221 54 3592

Mail: vanberg@uni-hd.de


Office hour by appointmentschadt@uni-hd.de



Political Economics

Behavioral Economics

Experimental Economics


Multilateral bargaining with subjective claims under majority vs. unanimity rule: An experiment (with Anna Merkel) Journal of Economic Psychology (forthcoming). (accepted manuscript)

Promise keeping and reliance damage (with Arjun Sengupta) European Economic Review (forthcoming). (working paper version)

What are the best quorum rules? A laboratory investigation (with L. Aguiar-Conraria and P.C.Magalhães) Public Choice, 185 (2020), 215-231.

Legislative bargaining with costly communication (with Anna Merkel), Public Choice, 183 (2020). 3-27.

Legislative bargaining with heterogeneous disagreement values: theory and experiments (with L. Miller and M. Montero), Games and Economic Behavior, 107 (2018), 60-92.

Who never tells a lie? Experimental Economics, 20 (2017), 448-459 (working paper version)

The dynamics of coalition formation - a multilateral bargaining experiment with free timing of moves (with J. Tremewan), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 130 (2016), 33-46.

Experimental Evidence that Quorum Rules Discourage Turnout and Promote Election Boycotts (with L. Conraria and P. Magalhaes), Experimental Economics, 19 (2016), 886-909.

Group size and decision rules in legislative bargaining (with L. Miller), European Journal of Political Economy, 37 (2015): 288-302.

An experimental study on the incentives of the probabilistic serial mechanism (with M. Kurino and D. Hugh-Jones), Games and Economic Behavior, 87 (2014), 367-380.

Adaptive Preferences, Normative Individualism, and Individual Liberty: Comment, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 170 (2014), 43-48.

Playing hard to get: an economic rationale for crowding out of intrinsically motivated behavior (with W. Schnedler), European Economic Review, 68 (2014), 106-115.

Decision costs in legislative bargaining: An experimental analysis (with Luis Miller), Public Choice, 155 (2013), 373-394.

Voting on a sharing norm in a dictator game, Journal of Economic Psychology, 31 (2010), 285-292.

Why do people keep their promises? An experimental test of two explanations, Econometrica, 76 (2008), 1467-1480.

“One Man, One Dollar?” Campaign contribution limits, equal influence, and political communication, Journal of Public Economics, 92 (2008), 514-531.



Commitment and conflict in multilateral bargaining (with Topi Miettinen)

Logrolling affects the relative performance of alternative q-majority rules (with Liza Charroin)

Legislative bargaining with private information (with David Piazolo)

Effects of decision rules in an unstructured multilateral bargaining experiment (with James Tremewan)


A short note on the rationality of the false consensus effect


Data for several of my experiments, as well as other experiments conducted at our Department, are available for download at the AWI Experimental Economics data repository.






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