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International Master of Art History and Museology

Heidelberg und Louvre


The Institute for European Art History at Heidelberg University and the École du Louvre in Paris, amongst the most prestigious establishments for the university-level study of Art History in France, offer a binational, integrated master’s degree, the International Master of Art History and Museology (in the following: IMKM). The four-semester postgraduate program combines the competencies of both institutions, that distinguish them internationally, in a complementary manner.

The first two semesters of study take place in Paris, where the curriculum follows the École du Louvre’s established Museology program (history of collecting, principles of conservation and restoration, administration and public mediation of cultural heritage, etc.), which has been offered successfully for many years. In Paris, the academic and professional training of the students is enriched by a privileged access to the Louvre and other Parisian and French museums. A written study of about 50 pages on an art historical or museological topic completes this phase of the program. The subsequent two semesters in Heidelberg train the degree candidates in the methodological foundations of academic research and have the goal of consolidating their analytical and critical skills. While completing their final thesis, the students benefit from the excellent holdings of the Heidelberg University Library.

The IMKM qualifies candidates for an internationally oriented professional career in the museum field, as well as in the historical conservation of cultural heritage. The education also provides the basis for an occupational activity in other traditional lines of work for art historians, such as in cultural administration, schools, universities, research, adult education and tourism, journalism (press, publishing, broadcasting, television, online services), the art market and art consulting.

The Franco-German University supports the participants abroad with a monthly grant of 350 € per month during the stay abroad.

The IMKM was first offered in the Winter Term 2006/2007 and in the initial phase, only students from Heidelberg University and École du Louvre were selected. Since 2009/10 the application has been opened internationally.

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