Semitic Dialectology: Crises and Change - 30 June – 2 July 2021

Conference Programme

Semitic Dialectology 2021 – Day 1 (30 June)

Wednesday, 30 Jun, 2021 | (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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Welcome and Introduction

11.00–12.30 | Session I: Judeo Arabic

Chair: Werner Arnold

  • Aharon Geva Kleinberger, The Arabic Dialect of the Jews of Damascus
  • Danir Hatan, Liturgical Piyyūṭīm Based on Arab Melodies Among the Jewish Community of Syria
  • Yehuda Tzuberi, The Judeo-Arabic Dialect of Qāmišli Between two Macro- Dialectal Groups: The Qǝltu Dialects and the Greater-Syrian Dialects: A Lexical Study

13.30–14.30 | Session II: Judeo Arabic and Jewish Languages

Chair: Aharon Geva Kleinberger

  • Gabriel M. Rosenbaum, Typical Features of Modern Spoken Egyptian Judeo Arabic in a Rare Written Text
  • Lutz Edzard, Orally Recorded Jewish Language Varieties: Perspectives from a New Handbook on Jewish Languages

15.30–17.30 | Session III: Synchrony, Diachrony, Classifications

Chair: Lutz Edzard

  • Veronika Ritt-Benmimoun and Ilona Abdelfattah, A Comparative Look on Linguistic Urbanisation Trends in Northwestern and Central Tunisia
  • Nino Ejibadze, Dialectal Form itfaʕal: Origin and Function
  • Fabio Gasparini, Understanding ‘Stand-Alone Nominalization’ in Modern South Arabian
  • Alexander Magidow, Subgrouping Arabic Dialects via Historical Developments in Closed-Class Morphemes

18.00–20.00 | Session IV: Aramaic Dialects

Chair: Michael Waltisberg

  • Alexey Duntsov and Sergey Loesov, qtīl/qattīl of Motion Verbs in Modern Western Aramaic
  • Hongwei Zhang, Semitic Dialects Online: Various Versions of Pater Noster in Maaloula Neo-Aramaic
  • Sergey Loesov and Mila Neishtadt, Terminology for Traditional Ploughing in a Neo-Aramaic Variety (Ṭuroyo)
  • Alexey Lyavdansky, A Proximative Construction in Christian Urmi

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Semitic Dialectology 2021 – Day 2 (1 July)

Thursday, 1 Jul, 2021 | (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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11.00–12.30 | Session V: Dialectological Research and Covid-19

Chair: Roni Henkin

  • Letizia Cerqueglini, Palestinian Blues: Zooming in on Language, Perception, and Memory
  • Judith Rosenhouse, Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Maura Tarquini, Advertising and Pandemic. Analysis of the Linguistic Behaviors Implemented in the Advertising Campaigns to Raise Awareness of COVID-19 in Tunisia

13.30–15.00 | Session VI: Sedentary and Bedouin Dialects in the Levant and Negev

Chair: Letizia Cerqueglini

  • Roni Henkin, Bedouin Women’s Elegies in the Negev — and Around It
  • Letizia Lombezzi, To Become and to Begin: A Matter of Change
  • Antonella Torzullo, The Arabic Dialect of the Bani ʕAbbād Tribe: Analysis of Some Distinctive Phonological, Morphological, and Syntactical Traits

15.30–17.30 | Session VII: Arabic Dialects of Iraq and Iran

Chair: Maciej Klimiuk

  • Muhadj Adnan, da- as a Discourse Marker in Baghdadi Arabic
  • Assaf Bar Moshe, The Prefix Vowels of the Prefix-Conjugation in the Jewish Arabic Dialect of ʕĀna: A Chain of Innovations
  • Ali Faraj, Etymological Analysis and Semantic Changes of Some Verbs in the Spoken Arabic of Baghdad
  • Volkan Bozkurt, Research on Khorasan Arabic: Arabkhane

18.00–20.00 | Session VIII: Phonology and Phonetics

Chair: Assaf Bar Moshe

  • Hassan Bokhari, The Patterning of Gutturals in Word-Final Coda Clusters in Hijazi Arabic
  • Stuart Davies and Abdullah H. Alfaifi, The Labiodentalization of Emphatic Consonants in Faifi Arabic: A Diachronic Account
  • Islam Youssef, A Property-Driven Typology of Arabic Consonantal Reflexes
  • Jair Martínez Albarracín, /aw/ Behavior in the Semitic Languages

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Semitic Dialectology 2021 – Day 3 (2 July)

Friday, 2 Jul, 2021 (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Event number: 121 232 3179

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13.30–14.30 | Session IX: Arabic Dialects of Algeria and Morocco

Chair: Slavomír Čéplö

  • Peter Behnstedt, Abderrazak Salim and Jordi Aguadé, Vocalism and Stress in the Arabic Dialect of Tangier: A New Approach
  • Lameen Souag, Epenthetic Gemination in Algerian Arabic: From Phonology to Morphology

15.30–16.30 | Session X: Maltese

Chair: Lameen Souag

  • Maris Camilleri, The Change That Transformed Locative Predications Into Possessive Structures
  • Slavomír Čéplö, Copular and Existential Clauses in Maltese: Descriptive, Areal and Typological Considerations

16.30–17.30 | Session XI: Gozitan Dialects

Chair: Werner Arnold

  • Maria Lipnicka and Maciej Klimiuk, GozoDia Project

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