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The mailing list of the Semitic Studies department is used to share information and announcements. It should aid communication between the department and its students as well as among the students themselves. Staff members and students of the Semitic Studies department are kindly asked to subscribe to the mailing list.

Subscribe to mailing list

In order to subscribe to the mailing list please send an e-mail to This e-mail should have an empty subject and contain the following text:


As soon as you are subscribed to the mailing list you will receive an e-mail containing further notes about using the list.

Using the list

In order to distribute a message to the list please send an e-mail to

Please note that using the "reply" button will produce a reply only to the sender of the original message. If you want to reply to all recipients of the list, please use the button "reply to all".

Read archives

All messages sent to the mailing list are saved in an archive. The archive can be found at the following link: Semitistic Studies archive.

Please use your e-mail address and your password to log in. If you do not have a password, you can create it at the following link: Create Listserv password.

Alternatively you can send an e-mail containing an empty subject and the following text to

PW ADD YourPassword

Questions and problems

If you have questions or problems, please contact the list administrator:

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