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Marsilius Kolleg

Building Bridges between Disciplines

Haus Buhl Marsilius Kolleg 250x125As a "Centre for Advanced Study", the Marsilius Kolleg represents one of the central measures of the University's institutional strategy. It helps the University create scientifically sustainable bridges between very different cultures (life sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, economics, law, humanities and cultural studies) in order to promote the idea of a comprehensive university of the future. The Marsilius Kolleg sees itself as a forum for exchange and innovation and also initiates and implements interdisciplinary research projects.

To date, the Marsilius Kolleg has given rise to six projects that contribute greatly to focussing and increasing the range of topics and methods of many disciplines at the University:

"Ethical and Legal Aspects of Total Genome Sequencing"
"Embodiment as Paradigm for an Evolutionary Cultural Anthropology"
“Equality and Inequality in the Allocation of Liver Transplants”
"Human Dignity" (completed)
„Perspectives of Ageing“ (completed)
„The Global Governance of Climate Engineering“ (completed)

Every year, ten to twelve fellows from Heidelberg University take part in the Marsilius Kolleg, where they investigate fundamental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. If we count the current participants, this means that well over 120 Heidelberg scientists from various disciplines have served as fellows and created new personal and scientific contacts.

In addition, the Marsilius Kolleg organises interdisciplinary summer and winter schools for junior scientists and presents interdisciplinary topics to the wider public through a special lecture series – the Marsilius Lectures – given by renowned researchers.

Marsilius Studies

A new complementary study programme initiated by students of the University, the "Marsilius Studies", enables students of all disciplines to catch a glimpse of other scientific subjects and indicates ways of cooperating and discussing issues across disciplinary boundaries. At the heart of the Marsilius Studies are bridging seminars that are held by at least two lecturers from different subject cultures.

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