Heidelberg Research Centre for Molecular Medicine (HRCMM)

Membranproteine 160x200 Translating discoveries from the world of bioscience into diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies is a major challenge in modern medicine. The Heidelberg Research Centre for Molecular Medicine (HRCMM), founded during Excellence Initiative II, aims to overcome existing obstacles by offering outstanding medical students and young clinical interns development opportunities doing top-level international research and working as highly qualified physicians.

The HRCMM builds on the success of the Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU), a joint venture between the Heidelberg Faculty of Medicine and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Both institutions offer HRCMM research groups full access to their infrastructure. Furthermore, both the Faculty of Medicine and the EMBL will provide HRCMM Fellows with experienced mentors to help them grow as competent clinical researchers.

The HRCMM will offer three different fellowships for students of medicine and doctors:

  • several one-year Junior Career Fellowships annually to medical students pursuing an MD degree within the framework of HBIGS,
  • two-year Career Development Fellowships for scientifically oriented physicians with advanced or completed medical specialist training,
  • starting in 2015, a two-year Senior Career Fellowship for internationally established physicians with completed medical specialist training and habilitation.

Details about the fellowships are posted on the HRCMM web pages.

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