Institutional Strategy I

The concept of the comprehensive university is a central component of the university’s institutional strategy, “Heidelberg: Realising the Potential of a Comprehensive University”, which proved successful in Excellence Initiative I (2007) of the federal and state governments. Institutional Strategy I is particularly concerned with dialogue across traditional disciplinary boundaries and the development of new forms of cooperation across fields of expertise.

Institutional Strategy I (2007)


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Graduate Academy (Archive)

Backup for Early Career Researchers

Heidelberg University's institutional strategy places special emphasis on supporting junior scientists. The Graduate Academy, which was founded in 2006 and complements the three graduate schools established with Excellence funding, is an important instrument to this end. Working in concert with the faculties, the Academy ensures that the PhD training in Heidelberg, which is provided through more than 40 structured programmes, meets the most exacting standards; in this way, the Graduate Academy strengthens the position of Heidelberg University in the competition for the best junior academic talent. It offers advice to talented international graduates interested in earning a PhD and supports Heidelberg’s PhD students in their scientific career.

GraduiertenakademieThe institutional strategy allowed the Graduate Academy to considerably increase the range of its services: besides providing information and advice to PhD students of all subjects, it also awards full and short-term scholarships as well as travel and publication grants and offers a seminar programme that teaches students additional academic and professional skills. Moreover, the Graduate Academy supports the international recruitment of excellent graduates and promotes the interdisciplinary networking of junior scientists within the University.

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