Institutional Strategy I

The concept of the comprehensive university is a central component of the university’s institutional strategy, “Heidelberg: Realising the Potential of a Comprehensive University”, which proved successful in Excellence Initiative I (2007) of the federal and state governments. Institutional Strategy I is particularly concerned with dialogue across traditional disciplinary boundaries and the development of new forms of cooperation across fields of expertise.

Institutional Strategy I (2007)


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Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer (Archive)

Industry on Campus

WissensaustauschIn its institutional strategy, Heidelberg University states its intent fo cultivate more active exchange and innovation processes between the University and industry and to make even better use of the University's overall potential. The "Industry on Campus" concept, which is centred on long-term and strategic basic research projects, represents a new era of cooperation between the University and regional industrial enterprises. The concept is based on a new and intensive collaboration between researchers of Heidelberg University and scientists from industry in a common building on the University campus. The scientists meet daily and communicate on questions that are of interest to both sides - although the partners may look at them from different perspectives. Teams are formed to create synergies and motivate everyone involved to improve the exchange of knowledge between basic and application-oriented research.

BMBF Top-Level Clusters

In addition to its Industry on Campus projects, Heidelberg University is part of two excellent cooperative networks that were distinguished as top-level clusters within the framework of the High-Tech Strategy of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The clusters represent the leading research units in their respective fields of technology.

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