nuenningMarsilius fellows are released from a substantial part of their teaching load. The Marsilius Kolleg provides funds for six months of an interim professorship (approximately € 40,000 per fellowship). Alternative programmes may also be funded if they serve primarily to release the fellow from regular duties.

Fellows may apply for additional funding for new interdisciplinary projects on topics demanding the collaboration of different scholarly cultures. Funding decisions are taken by the rectorate based on external reviews and the recommendation of the selection committee. 

Duties and Expectations

Fellows are obligated to participate in the activities of the Marsilius Kolleg. This includes particularly the weekly meetings of the Fellows on Monday 5.30 pm during the semester. Each fellow has to report on the progress of his/her project once a semester and submit a short report at the end of the fellowship. Fellows should also participate in activities of the Kolleg like the Marsilius Lecture or the annually summer-schools. Finally, fellows and alumni are expected to offer interdisciplinary classes that fit into the supplementary program of the “Marsilius Studies”.

Nomination Process and Criteria 

Fellows are appointed by the rectorate based on an recommendation of the selection committee. The criteria are

  • scholarly excellence, confirmed by publications,
  • willingness and capability for interdisciplinary dialogue, and
  • a draft for a project, that demands for collaboration with other scholarly cultures.

Applications of two or three academics of different scholarly cultures with a common project are especially welcome.



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