Information for House Guests

Dear guest,


  • Check In/Check Out: On arrival please inform the IWH Office (in person/per email). At Check In a member of IWH staff will complete an inventory. Arrivals outside of IWH office hours will be provided with an entry code. Check Out is 9 am on day of departure. Later Check Out is available upon request and subject to charge (50€).
  • Breakfast: Breakfast Room (ground floor) Monday to Friday, 8-9am (available on request).
  • Keycard: Once in your room you can find your keycard in the device near the entrance door for electricity in the room, or alternatively on the table. Please return the keycard at Check Out to members of staff. In absence of staff, kindly put the key card in to the little red box at the exit.
  • Lock/Unlock the apartment: Please hold the keycard in front of the door knob, wait for the green light and turn the door knob two times to the left to lock or two times to the right to unlock. Keycard also enables entry to the building but do not lock main doors or communal entrance to apartments.
  • Rubbish Disposal:
  • Apartment Cleaning: Provided in to your room as a welcome courtesy are some utilities for cleaning (bucket, cloths, cleaning materials). Please note you will need to replace these items during your stay. On each landing (communal areas of 2a/b, 4a/b) cupboard on the 2nd floor you will find a hoover, ironing board and iron for your use.
  • Laundry Service: Available Monday to Thursday, 36-hour in-house service and subject to a fee (12€ per net). Wash nets can be obtained from the IWH Office.
  • Change of Towels and Linens: Every 7-10 days, Monday to Friday (Weekends by prior arrangement). You will be notified of your change of towels and/or linen per email. Please follow the instructions therein.
  • Garden: The IWH Guesthouse is a non-smoking building. All guests have access to the garden area. Please be respectful of other guests when using the garden area.
  • Travel and Amenities: Below are some useful links:

Public transport: (trams, buses, local trains):
Deutsche Bahn (DB):
Frankfurt Airport:
Taxi Service: 06221 30 20 30
Airport Shuttles:

Household/Food: (Heidelberger Altstadt) / (Heidelberg)

Tourism: (Heidelberg)

  • Invoice Payments: IWH accepts payments in cash or via bank transfer only.
    (Payee: Universität Heidelberg, BW Bank Stuttgart, IBAN: DE69 6005 0101 7421 5004 36, SWIFT/BIC: SOLADEST600, quoting invoice number)
  • Emergency numbers/exits:
    Emergency exit routes are found on the inside of each apartment
    Police: 110
    Fire/Rescue/Ambulance: 112
    Emergency Doctor: 116 117
    Taxi: (06221) 30 20 30
    Chemist: (06221) 22 487


We wish you a pleasant stay!

- Your IWH Team

IWH Office: Monday to Friday, 9 am-3 pm
Location: Basement of Building


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