Workshop: Governing India

The workshop titled: Governing India invites policy-makers, public intellectuals, technocrats and scholars who have engaged with governance in India. India is a diverse country with varied levels of sub-regional economic and human development. Its economic and demographic size and rapid economic growth have drawn the world to its emergence within a democratic polity. India presents a laboratory for comparisons where narratives of successful and failed governance can reveal the conditions under which citizen well-being centred governance is likely to occur.

The workshop will address issues such as accountability and the rights based approach to governance and the regulation of institutions that engendered rapid economic growth. Indian citizens have the right to government information concerning their well-being, they have the right to work, to be literate, and to access ecological resources. How and when are these rights realized? Why does the government fail so often in providing citizens with their rights and in checking grand corruption? Does the current Bharatiya Janata Party government have a different approach regarding the realization of these rights and other governance issues?



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