Galois Representations

P-adic Galois representations play a central role in modern number theory. They allow one to link objects from arithmetic geometry to automorphic forms but also are important in their own right. Main themes of the workshop are modularity theorems, families of Galois representations, results on lifting and derived methods. Modularity theorems are results that guarantee in a precise way that certain Galois representations arise from the theory of automorphic forms. P-adic families extend the notion of congruence and allow one to study all representations of a certain kind at once. Typically all members of a family have the same mod p reduction and lifting techniques, if successful, prove the existence of a p-adic lift. Finally derived techniques are an important new tool in obtaining new refined modularity theorems. The workshop brings together experts as well as young scientists from all these areas. It also aims at initiating new collaborations and defining new directions of research.



Prof. Dr. Gebhard Böckle

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