Star Clusters around the Milky Way and in the Local Group

The meeting focuses on astronomy and astrophysics of star clusters, dwarf galaxies and the Milky Way; it brings together observers and theoreticians from several countries and all levels to discuss current and future work in a collaborative atmosphere. The workshop is organised by the 'Collaborative Research Center' (SFB) No. 881 (funded by German Science Foundation DFG and located at Univ. of Heidelberg), in conjunction with a Volkswagen Trilateral Program on 'Accretion Processes in Galactic Nuclei' and a Sino-German collaboration project. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together people working in and around the SFB with a selection of international and other local scientists interested in discussion, exchange and collaboration. Topics will be old and dense star clusters or star clusters surrounding the Milky Way and in the Local Group (globular clusters, mass loss/tidal fields, multiple populations, black holes, pulsars, CVs, exotic objects, intermediate mass black holes). Star clusters are one of the oldest components of the Milky Way and the Local Group, their internal and external dynamics and their chemical evolution leaves imprints on the Milky Way Halo and possibly the Galactic Center. Further topics could be the transition from massive star clusters to dwarf galaxies, the dynamical interaction between cluster formation and evolution and Galactic tidal fields. High performance computing and modelling of the dynamical evolution of star clusters will be a topic of this workshop as well as current and future observational results of globular star clusters and the nuclear star cluster in the Galactic Center should be presented and discussed. Generally the interaction between theorists, observers, and computing scientists should be strongly encourage, and young scientists should be welcome to present and discuss work in progress.


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