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Pay and Re-regsiter
Print certificates
Change of Conact Data

Pay and re-register

By paying your semester contribution (fee for student services and administrative costs) by the re-registration deadline, you are notifying the university that you wish to continue your studies the following semester.

Re-registration period
For the summer semester: 15 January to 15 February
For the winter semester: 15 June to 15 July

You can credit your account and re-register immediately by paying your semester contribution via debit authorization within the re-registration period.

Log in to the “Teaching, Study, and Research” (LSF) portal and select the “Pay & re-register” function. Verify that the amount due is correct and enter your bank details for the debit authorization. For this you need a valid TAN number.
Your debit authorization is valid only for re-registering for the current, upcoming semester; a new debit authorization must be issued for each subsequent semester.
After re-registering online, you can immediately print out your certificates and student ID for the new semester.

To pay and re-register, see the “Teaching, Study, and Research” (LSF) portal at the following link:

Print certificates

Use this online function to print out the following certificates:

  • Semester data sheet (to save in your academic record)
  • Enrolment certificate
  • National student grant (BaföG) certificate of receipt
  • Student ID

The verification number is used to verify the certificate’s authenticity.

To print certificates, see the “Teaching, Study, and Research” (LSF) portal at the following link:

Change of contact data

Use this function to change your contact data.
This includes

  • Change of address (street address, city)
  • Change of telephone number
  • Change of e-mail address

To change contact data, see the “Teaching, Study, and Research” (LSF) portal at the following link:

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