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Nonprofit Management and Governance (M.A.)

Degree Master of Arts
Application required mandatory
Course commences winter semester only
Standard course duration 4 semesters
Format options full-time / part-time
Language requirements English C1 (on application)
Language of instruction German
Other features postgraduate / continuing education
Study fees EUR 2,920 per semester

Heidelberg University Centre for Social Investment (CSI)Externer Inhalt


As of the sommer semester 2017, the M.A. programme in Nonprofit Management & Governance will no longer be available. It is, therefore, not possible to apply for admission to this programme.


Course outline

The M.A. course Nonprofit Management & Governance is offered by the Centre for Social Investment (CSI). The aim is to impart to students the essentials of leadership action/behaviour specific to the Third Sector, with special emphasis on strategy development, legal foundations, governance and leadership. Accordingly, the course is angled at upcoming and established executives in all non-profit institutions and in parts of the public sector.

The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 Foundations I: Theory & History of the Non-Profit Sector
  • Module 2 Non-Profit Management I: Organisation & Strategy
  • Module 3 Non-Profit Management II: Benefit and Success for Society, Social Investment and Communication
  • Module 4 Non-Profit Leadership & Ethics
  • Module 5 Corporate Governance and Public Affairs Management
  • Module 6 Law of Non-Profit Organisations
  • Module 7 International and Global Non-Profit Trends
  • Module 8 Sector-Specific Intensification Module
  • Module 9 Management Techniques
  • Module 10 M.A. Thesis

For more information on course content, go to the CSI websiteExterner Inhalt.


Course structure

Nonprofit Management & Governance is modular in structure. The modules are interrelated and attuned to one another on didactic principles and extend over the standard course duration of four semesters. The first three semesters lay the foundations for the M.A. thesis, which takes up the fourth semester. The career-integrated option is a decisive asset of the course. Intensive, highly focused study phases requiring the presence of the students (55 attendance days in three semesters) are interspersed with online phases in the University’s supervised e-learning system.


The course is angled at

  • people looking for new opportunities of displaying sustainable commitment to our civic society
  • people in search of the right tools enabling them to cope with a leading position in the non-profit sector
  • established executives seeking to put their organisation on the map and looking for the best way of doing so
  • for-profit entrepreneurs embarking on a new career in the non-profit sector
  • established executives with substantial practical leadership experience interested in acquiring expert knowledge enabling them to substantiate and reflect on their activity
  • ambitious non-profit employees looking for the ideal preparation for a successful career at leadership level
  • employers setting out to prepare their staff systematically for non-profit issues and provide them with training tailored to the requirements of the sector
  • people working in business or the public sector with a great deal of professional contact with actors or issues in the Third Sector
  • and many others.


Application and admission

As of the sommer semester 2017, the M.A. programme in Nonprofit Management & Governance will no longer be available. It is, therefore, not possible to apply for admission to this programme.

Study and examination regulations

Examination regulations NPMG (27 July 2012)Adobe

Module Handbook

Please click here to find the latest Module Handbook.Adobe

Examinations board

Issues arising in connection with examinations, credit transfer and academic credential recognition are dealt with by the relevant examinations board/office. For more information, consult the academic advisor(s) indicated below.


The total tuition fee is EUR 11,680. In addition, students are required to pay a contribution to Student Services and an administration fee.


The M.A. course Nonprofit Management & Governance is accredited up to 30 September 2014.




Dr. Volker Then
Director of teaching programmes at CSI
Heidelberg University
Bergheimerstr. 58
D-69115 Heidelberg
phone: +49 (0)6221 5411950

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