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Professional and Organisational Consulting

Degree Master of Arts
Application mandatory
Course commences winter semester only
Standard course duration 4+1 semesters
Format options career-integrated only
Language requirements none
Language of instruction German
Other features postgraduate / continuing education
Special fees EUR 1,990 per semester

Faculty of Behavioural and Cultural Studies

Course outline

Vocational development is a challenge. The problems it poses are constantly shifting ground and the solutions to those problems are subject to a permanent process of reinvention. In future, education, employment and changes taking place in the world of work will be important issues requiring professional counsellors/consultants with excellent academic qualifications reflecting a broad and sound education in the subject. The course you are looking at is career-integrated and designed to prepare you for successful professional activity in this field.

This M.A. course will provide you with the counselling skills you need. Based on a sound academic footing, it is fully attuned to the practicalities of the activity you are interested in. In short, it lays the foundations for professional, practical consulting, as well as leadership and research activities in connection with vocational guidance, educational counselling and employment-related consultancy for individuals and organisations.

The programme supplies its students with all the requisite skills by building on their previous qualifications. Different disciplines join forces in imparting to students the knowledge and skills required in this field.

The M.A. course is conducted by Heidelberg University’s Institute of Education Studies in conjunction with many professional experts engaged in research on a variety of subjects. It also involves practitioners from the field of professional, educational and employment-related counselling, personnel development and organisational consultancy.

Course structure

The strategy behind the M.A. course is based on a competence development approach designed to ensure the acquisition of the requisite consulting skills. An analytic distinction is made between the three dimensions of competence that in their concerted form assure the professionalism of counselling activity. In the course this competence is acquired in nine modules and practical projects.

Basic modules

  • Module G: theories and approaches for the design of consulting as an interactive process
  • Module R: framework conditions for consulting
  • Module B: practical consulting, portfolio and integrated learning
  • Module W: writing academic essays
  • Module Master: M.A. thesis and M.A. examination

In-depth modules “Individual Consulting”

  • Module P: individual consulting
  • Module P-Project: project on individual consulting

In-depth modules “Organisational Consulting”

  • Module O: organisational consulting
  • Module O-Project: project on organisational consulting

Elective modules

  • Module F: empirical research on consulting
  • Module M: management of consulting institutions and self-employed consulting

Formal requirements


The course is access-restricted and admission-restricted. The current Admission Regulations are available hereAdobe.

Applications must be addressed directly to the Institute of Education Studies (Institut für Bildungswissenschaft, see below). You can obtain the application documents at .

The application deadline is

15 July for the winter semester

The course is offered every two years. The application deadline for the next possible start is the 15th July 2018.

Further information

Current information on procedure

Study and examination regulations

Examination regulations M.A. (28 March 2006)Adobe

Module Handbook

Please click here to find the latest Module Handbook.

Examinations board

Issues arising in connection with examinations, credit transfer and academic credential recognition are dealt with by the relevant examinations board/office. For more information, consult the academic advisor(s) indicated below.


This M.A. course comes under the heading of continuing education and requires the payment of special tuition fees. These amount to EUR 1,990 per semester, plus a contribution to Student Services and an administration fee.

Academic advisors

Jelena Sophie Siebert, M. Sc.
Akademiestraße 3, Office 225
office hours: by appointment
phone: +49 (0)6221-54-7451


Institute of Education Studies
Akademiestraße 3
D-69117 Heidelberg


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