Universität Heidelberg
Hauptstraße 126
69117 Heidelberg
Phone.: +49-6221-54 76 97

Telephone consultation hours: Mon 12:00-16:00 and Thu 13:00-16:00.

The concierge service can be contacted by e-mail throughout the week as usual.


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Can you save precious time? Yes, sometimes.
The Concierge-Service of Heidelberg University can show you how.


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Do you need help with...

  • snow shovelling or gardening?
  • moving house or changing the tyres?
  • the housework, because the laundry is piling up?

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In that case, feel free to contact us. We research, negotiate and organise help around the house or garden – free of charge. Take advantage of our wide array of offers and established collaborations with experienced providers of handicraft and household services.

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