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Shopping Services in Heidelberg

You don’t have time to go to the supermarket? Grocery delivery services deliver anything from fruit, vegetables, beverage crates to washing powder right to your doorstep. Depending on the amount spent this service may even be free of charge. In addition to big supermarket chains, this service is also offered by smaller organic supermarkets such as “Fair und Quer” in Handschuhsheim or regional farms that deliver food boxes to your home. Shopping from home at your convenience – here are some options.




Rewe: Offers individualised shopping lists and recipes.
Edeka: Large variety of goods, free delivery for orders of 75€ or more.
Allyouneed fresh: Nationwide delivery service. Extensive range of offers and delivery in recycled bags – may result in delayed delivery at times. Available throughout Germany, low-priced products.


Regional Farms and Organic Supermarkets

Fair und Quer


Steubenstraße 52

69121 Heidelberg-Handschuhsheim


Fair und Quer Bio-Markt II

Adlerstraße 1

69123 Heidelberg-Wieblingen

Extensive range of organic and drug store products, home delivery offered for orders of 15€ or more.
Order options: Order from the online shop, via fax, email, or phone.


Dirks Bio-Kiste
Delivers regional organic fruit/vegetables and other organic food, Monday to Friday.



Karins Frische Kiste
Der Hohe Weg zum Rhein 19

68307 Mannheim-Sandhofen

Delivers regional products to the west of Heidelberg on a set day.




Beverage Stores – Delivery Services

Getränke Gieser
Schwetzinger Str. 29

69124 Heidelberg


Wieblinger Weg 97
69123 Heidelberg

Delivery: 5 crate order minimum.

Der Überbringer
Delivery service for the entire region. Delivery costs of 1,50€ per beverage crate.


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