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Research journal under the heading ‘STOP & GO’

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‘STOP & GO’ is the central subject of the latest edition of Heidelberg University’s research journal ‘Ruperto Carola’. Published twice a year in German with English-language abstracts, the journal includes articles by Heidelberg scholars from all disciplines and subjects that illustrate the great breadth of research at the comprehensive university of Heidelberg. Centring around the subject of ‘Stop & Go’, 22 researchers present their current work and provide insights into such fields as medical psychology, quantum physics, neurobiology, history, gerontology and education studies.

The states of ‘stop’ and ‘go’ – standstill and motion – characterise the dynamics of our lives in a fundamental way; they are properties of elementary physical processes and exert their influence on our environment. They are also important features of historical and social processes such as the dynamisation of the workplace and the simultaneous ageing of the working population. The article by gerontologist Prof. Dr Andreas Kruse focuses on how we handle the subject of dying and how we shape the last phase of our lives. Philologists Prof. Dr Werner Arnold and Prof. Dr Gerrit Kloss discuss the complex dynamics of standstill and motion within the context of language development. Mathematician Prof. Dr Ekaterina Kostina presents new, computer-aided decision-making systems that improve the way in which we handle our increasingly complex air traffic. The mechanisms of addictive behaviour – stopping and starting, over and over again – are the subject of psychiatrist Prof. Dr Falk Kiefer. Other featured articles report on current topics from the fields of pharmacology, the history of literature and education studies.

The research journal is addressed to members of the University, its partners in science, politics, business and society and, of course, its alumni, friends and the wider public in Germany and abroad. The various editions are available online; print versions can be picked up free of charge at the Communications and Marketing department of Heidelberg University (Alte Universität, Grabengasse 1) and are also mailed on request; please write to Free subscriptions can be ordered from the same e-mail address.

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