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New Mentoring Programme for Students and Alumni

A new mentoring programme of Heidelberg University offers students and alumni a wide range of personalised information and advice. Under the aegis of Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI), alumni of the University – including Research-Alumni – can share their experience and career advice with younger members of the network. Prospective mentors and mentees can find and contact each other via an online mentoring platform in HAInet.

The mentoring programme was launched in September 2012 as a pilot project of Heidelberg Alumni U.S. (HAUS). It was made available to all students and alumni of Heidelberg University in 2013. The object of the programme is to enable members of the HAInet network to share their knowledge and advice with other participants of HAIsociety and allow younger alumni or students to learn from their personal experiences. Those looking for support (mentees) can benefit from the experience of an expert (mentor) in a specific area.

Mentors may, for instance, offer general orientation help to students or younger university graduates and support network members in building their careers. They can work with mentees to develop strategies for solving professional and personal challenges, and offer advice on living and working abroad. Research-Alumni can help plan research stays in Heidelberg or at other research institutions and advise junior scientists on choosing a topic for their doctoral thesis. In return, they have the chance to find information on research stays at another university.

 Students and alumni who are looking for help in planning their future professional and personal life or are willing to share their experiences with others can participate in the mentoring programme. A list of mentors has been compiled on the HAInet: There, mentors introduce themselves and their careers in a brief profile and explain in which areas and questions they can offer qualified support.

If you have questions on the mentoring programme, please contact the HAI team at

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