Podiumdiscussion on handing out raw genomic data to study participants.

(December 2019)


Prof. Winkler in BIOspektrum

Code of Conduct for Genome Sequencing.

Hyperlink (October 2016)



Genomic data in clinical research.

Hyperlink (September 2016)


Prof. Winkler and Prof. Wiemann

discuss advantages and disadvantages of different sequencing strategies.

Hyperlink (August 2016)


DFG publishes statement on human genome sequencing

EURAT as a reference point.

Hyperlink (August 2016)



On ethical and legal issues in genomic Research.

Hyperlink (June 2016)


"Cornerstones" in English

The second, updated edition of the EURAT position paper is published also in English.

Hyperlink (May 2016)


Comments on the Code

Dr. Mahr and Prof. Rehmann-Sutter discuss the EURAT-Code in a book chapter.

Hyperlink (August 2015)


On incidental findings

Members of the EURAT-group and other researchers register an absence of incidental findings in genomic research and discuss the consequences for the ethical debate.

Hyperlink (July 2015)


On big data

Genomics will be one of the largest data producers - EURAT-members Prof. von Kalle and Prof. Eils comment this development.

Hyperlink (July 2015)


On cloud-computing

EURAT-member Dr. Korbel and other researchers claim major funding agencies should ensure that large biological data sets are stored in cloud services to enable easy access and fast analysis.

Hyperlink (July 2015)


At the frontiers of knowledge

EURAT members Prof. Tanner and Prof. Kirchhoff report on ethical and legal challenges of genomic research.

Hyperlink (June 2015)


Research and responsibility in conflict?

The anthology is published in the series "Nova Acta Leopoldina" and contains contributions from the EURAT-Symposium 2012.

Hyperlink (Februar 2014)


Genomic sequencing in cancer research

A report in ZDF Heute Journal on which some members of the EURAT-group were involved is online available:

Hyperlink (January 2014)


EURAT-Code at the University of Heidelberg

The Senate of the University of Heidelberg concludes the acquisition of EURAT-Code for all researchers of the University of Heidelberg.

(January 2014)


EURAT-Code at the DKFZ

The Executive Board of the German Cancer Research Centre informed all employees about the validity of EURAT-Code.

(December 2013)


"Cornerstones" in English

The English version of the EURAT position paper is published.

Hyperlink (December 2013)


Article on HIPO and EURAT

The "Deutsche Ärzteblatt" reported about the HIPO-Project and the EURAT-Project.

Hyperlink (October 2013)


Article on EURAT

BioPro about the report recently published by EURAT.

Hyperlink (August 2013)


EURAT position paper

EURAT publishes report about "Eckpunkte für eine Heidelberger Praxis der Ganzgenomsequenzierung"

Hyperlink (June 2013)


Statement by the German Society of Human Genetics about additional genetic findings in diagnostics and research.

Hyperlink (June 2013)


Report by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences about the consequences of new sequencing technology for genetic patient care:

Hyperlink (May 2013)


Report of the German Ethics Council: "Die Zukunft der genetischen Diagnostik - von der Forschung in die klinische Anwendung"

Hyperlink (May 2013)


PHG Foundation recommendations on the management of findings from the 100,000 Genomes Project:

Hyperlink (April 2013)


ACMG releases Recommendations on Incidental Findings in Clinical Exome and Genome Sequencing:

Hyperlink (March 2013)


Article by Bio-Pro referring to research of EURAT project member Dr. Jan Korbel about how

"Genomic structural variations can cause cancer" (March 2013)


Article about data collection in the health system by the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung":

"Medizin im Rausch der Daten" (March 2013)


Lectures of the annual conference 2012 of the German Ethics Concil about personalized medicine and its consequences for patients.

pdf (March 2013)


Radio podcast (WDR) about genome sequencing several project members participated in:

Hyperlink (January 2013)


The following website provides a survey about locations doing Next Generation Sequencing research:

Omicsmaps (January 2013)


Commission Releases Report on Genomics and Privacy:

Privacy and Progress in Whole Genome Sequencing (October 2012)


How to handle incidental findings?

Deutsches Ärzteblatt (August 2012)


Report of the Symposium "Forschung und Verantwortung im Konflikt?"

Leopoldina-Newsletter (June 2012)


Interview with Professor Dr. Peter Lichter.

ESHG (June 2012)


Prof. Dr. Christiane Woopen, chairwomen of the German Ethics Consortium, questions the definition of personalized medicine

(May 2012)

Interview with Professor Dr. Claus Bartram

Ä (April 2012)


Symposium with public lecture

(March 2012)


Interview with Professor Dr. Klaus Tanner.

Genomeweb (January 2012)


Interview with Professor Dr. Peter Lichter.

Genomeweb (December 2011)


EURAT - Ethical and Legal Aspects of Next Generation Sequencing

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