Lecture by Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk

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Federalism in Nepal

Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk
Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway

Hatlebakk will discuss how poverty rates, ethnic composition and local tax incomes will vary with the map drawn for a new federal Nepal. There are two broad federal solutions. The Maoists and regional fronts are in favor of an ethnic based solution with 10-14 provinces named after the largest ethnic group in each area. The mainstream parties prefer a solution with 6-7 provinces, similar to the present administrative solution where each province should contain both hill and terai (the plains) districts. Hatlebakk argues that ethnic based federalism, which is motivated by a demand for autonomy, will in fact create a need for a strong centre that will have to reallocate economic resources to, in particular, a poor western hill province.

Date: Thursday, 30.04.2015
Venue: South Asia Institute, Room 317
Time: 1.15 p.m.


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