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Perfect Backdrop for my Life

2 June 2008

In my opinion Heidelberg is a perfect combination of urban and university life. I do admit that student life is more expensive here than elsewhere but you get your money’s worth.

The university offers a wide range of courses. Apart from the lectures and seminars on the curriculum you can also attend interdisciplinary lectures like the “Studium Generale”. With its cafeterias, public transportation system and vibrant nightlife, Heidelberg covers every student’s needs. And in summer I enjoy spending my free time on the banks of the Neckar.

Heidelberg is a small city but there is always something going on, as students and tourists make it the lively place it is. Outside the university there is a wide variety of cultural offerings as well. Things like the annual film festival, independent drama groups and public lectures prevent Heidelberg from turning provincial.

The history of the city and the university reaches far back into the past. This may be a plus, although it is not the reason for me to stay here. To me, the Old Town of Heidelberg is the perfect backdrop for my life. I like my neighbours and it’s just the right place for me to live and study.

Kristian Willenbacher

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translated by Nadja Gröner, Anna-Lena Huthmacher and Jutta Wachter
School of Translation and Interpreting
University of Heidelberg

Irene Thewalt

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