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ERC Starting Investigator Research Grants: University of Heidelberg Heads the List

4 February 2008

Heidelberg the only German university to receive more than one grant – Three generously endowed awards from the European Research Council (ERC) go to Jörg Peltzer, Jian-Wei Pan and Otmar Venjakob – Fourth grant announced for Anne Marciniak-Czochra

The University of Heidelberg has made an outstanding showing in connection with the generously endowed grants made available by the European Research Council (ERC). Heidelberg is the only German university to receive more than one of the Starting Investigator Research Grants spelling research monies of a million euros and more for their recipients. Three of the grants have been awarded to the historian Dr. Jörg Peltzer, the physicist Dr. Jian-Wei Pan and the mathematician Prof. Dr. Otmar Venjakob. A fourth has been announced for Dr. Anne Marciniak-Czochra of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing (IWR).

The research project undertaken by Dr. Jörg Peltzer of the Institute of Franconian and Palatinate History and Area Studies is entitled "RANK: The Formation and Visualisation of the Social and Political Order of Princes in Late Medieval Europe. A Comparative Study between the Empire and England”. Dr. Jian-Wei Pan of the Institute of Physics is investigating the potential of  "AtomPhotonLOQIP: Experimental Linear Optics Quantum Information Processing with Atoms and Photons”. Prof. Dr. Otmar Venjakob’s project is called "IWASAWA: Iwasawa Theory of p-adic Lie Extensions”, that of Dr. Anne Marciniak-Czochra (IWR) "BioStruct: Multiscale Mathematical Modelling of Dynamics of Structure Formation in Cell Systems”.

With these grants the European Research Council supports young investigators planning to establish research groups of their own. The University of Heidelberg sees its outstanding showing as proof of the quality and the high degree of achievement displayed by young academics engaged in research in Heidelberg. No other German university has received more than one of these grants, which are endowed with up to 2 million euros each.

The Starting Grants enable outstanding investigators who received their doctorates between two and nine years previously to institute or expand research groups of their own and thus to establish themselves in the field of basic research. The total European Research Council budget for the award of Starting Investigator Research Grants amounts to 290 million euros.

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