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Heidelberg Germany’s No. 1 University in THES World Ranking

14 November 2007

New ranking of the world’s best universities published in the Times Higher Education Supplement — 60th place puts Heidelberg at the head of Germany’s universities — Rector Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel: "A gratifying success we mean to improve on with our institutional strategy for the Initiative for Excellence”


In the highly regarded THES world ranking for higher education institutions Heidelberg is Germany’s No. 1 university. On 9 November the Times Higher Education Supplement presented its improved assessment of the world’s best universities. Heidelberg came 60th, ahead of all other German universities. For Rector Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel this is "a gratifying success” and a welcome opportunity to congratulate Heidelberg’s leading researchers and commend the commitment displayed by their co-workers. "But we’re not going to rest on our laurels,” he added. "Instead we intend to improve our position, notably on the basis of the strategic concept approved by the Initiative for Excellence.” This strategy found favour with the distinguished referees assembled by the Science Council and the German Research Foundation. With its aid Heidelberg is now aiming for "even higher things”.

The new ranking puts Heidelberg in 43rd position for the life sciences and biomedicine, closely followed by the sciences in 45th place. The humanities came 61st, the social sciences 78th.

Since 2006 the two Munich universities have narrowed the gap, with the University of Munich ranked 65th and Munich’s Technical University 67th, due not least to their success in the Initiative for Excellence a year ago. Berlin’s Humboldt University has dropped to 126th place, while Tübingen has improved its position to 142nd. Freiburg has jumped no fewer than 75 places (from 219th to 144th) and now figures among the world’s 200 best universities, followed by the Free University of Berlin (146th), Stuttgart (165th), Göttingen (168th), Karlsruhe (171st) and Aachen’s Technical University (182nd).

The new Top Ten now looks like this: Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, Imperial College London, Princeton, Caltech, Chicago, University College London (UCL) and MIT. Cambridge, Oxford and Yale share second place, an improvement for the two last-named over and against 2006. Imperial College, Princeton and Chicago have all improved their showing by four places, whereas the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has now been overtaken by six of its rivals.

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