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As Good As It Gets

12 November 2007

Commentary on Visitors’ Night at the University of Heidelberg by journalist Ingeborg Salomon (Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung)


Ace, brilliant, as good as it gets! A great big vote of thanks to all those involved in making Visitors’ Night at the University of Heidelberg such a resounding success! Months of preparatory work were required to make the eight-hour marathon a workable proposition. And now we can say that it was time supremely well spent. 23,000 visitors can’t be wrong and that was precisely the number of people who took advantage of this weekend extravaganza all over the Metropolitan Region. Wherever there was something to test, sample, taste or grab hold of, long queues and cheerful clusters of people were the result. They were not fobbed off with dry-as-dust theories, either. The offerings appealed to all the five senses and that was just as true of the humanities departments as the scientists. It was a great opportunity to talk to other people and that made it not just the cleverest night of the year but also the most communicative. Total strangers exchanged views on the taste of preserved eggs, youngsters were welcome to perch on the venerable wooden drop-seats of the lecture halls where Daddy once spent his student days – and suddenly his reminiscences of student life weren’t so boring after all. The fact that about 10,000 inquisitive students and schoolchildren took part in Visitors’ Night in the region is proof positive that the younger generation takes a keen interest in subjects presented as intriguingly as they were here.

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