Andor/Nikon Ti-TuCam microscope

Profile: Twin-camera system that allows for the simultaneous detection of two signals in widefield.
A frequency domain FLIM detector is also available.


The Nikon/Andor TuCam system is a fully automated Nikon Ti2-microscope with an adaptor that holds two cameras on one port, allowing to image two wavelength at the same time. These cameras are the new Andor Neo sCMOS models with 2560 x 2160 (5.5M) pixel sensors, a pixel area of 6.5 x 6.5 μm and a well number of 30,000 electrons. They can be cooled down to -40°C and offer a sustained readout rate of 30 frames per second (100 fps burst rate).

Neuronal growth cone imaged in Ti-TuCam

Lambert Instruments LIFA

This camera-based system allows to detect fluorescent life times for measurement of FRET. If FRET occurs, the life time (decay time of fluorescence) will decrease. The system can measure time lapse sequences (1 frame/s and faster) and is based on an intensified camera and modulation of the laser intensity. It works in wide field mode and spinning disk confocal microscopy (the latter is not implemented). We are able to excite the donors CFP (440 nm) and GFP (488 nm). The FLIM-unit is the LIFA system from Lambert Instruments and is installed on a Nikon Ti2 microscope with multipoint acquisition and hardware focus (Perfect Focus System, PFS). If you plan a FRET experiment, please consult with us ahead of time to choose "good" fluorescent proteins (contact U. Engel or N. Dross)


  • Nikon Plan Fluor 10x NA 0.3 (working distance 15.2 mm), corrected for 0.17mm coverslips (= type #1.5).
  • Nikon S Plan Fluor ELWD 20x NA 0.45 (working distance 8.2 - 6.9mm) adjustable for glas and plastic bottom dishes with a thickness between 0 and 2 mm).
  • Nikon Plan Apo VC 20x NA 0.75 (working distance 1 mm), corrected for 0.17mm coverslips (= type #1.5).
  • Nikon Apo LWD 40x NA 1.15 λS water immersion objective (working distance 0.59 - 0.61mm), adjustable for coverslips from 0.15 - 0.19mm thickness.
  • Nikon Plan Apo VC 60x NA 1.4 oil immersion objective (working distance 0.13mm), corrected for 0.17mm coverslips (= type #1.5).
  • Nikon Plan Fluor 100x NA 1.3 oil immersion objective (working distance 0.16mm), corrected for 0.17mm coverslips (= type #1.5).

Single Camera Filters:

  • ex 390/22 - bs 420 - em 460/50 ("DAPI")
  • ex 438/24 - bs 458 - em 483/32 ("CFP")
  • ex 472/30 - bs 495 - em 520/35 ("EGFP")
  • ex 500/24 - bs 520 - em 542/27 ("YFP")
  • ex 562/40 - bs 593 - em 624/40 ("TxRed")
  • ex 632/22 - bs 660 - em 692/40 ("Cy5")

Dual Camera Filters:

1a. in microscope: ex 416+501 - bs 440+520 (dual CFP/YFP)
1b. in TuCam: em CFP (back camera), em YFP (left camera) bs 510

2a. in microscope: ex 468+520 - bs 492+574 (dual eGFP/mRFP)
2b. in TuCam: em 515/30 (back camera), em 605/70 (left camera) bs 580


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