TriM Scope 2photon microscope

The image below shows the LaVision Biotec TriM Scope multi photon microscope on a Nikon Eclipse FN-1 upright microscope (the FN-1 microscope is hidden in the big white box for light protection).

LaVision TriM-Scope on Nikon FN-1 stand

The system is equipped with a mode locked tunable Ti:Sapphire laser (80 MHz, 730 - 1050 nm). The TriM Scope is able to split up the incoming laser beam in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 beamlets for fast imaging with 2 CCD cameras (one with an automated filter wheel). Alternatively, imaging can be done with a single beam and detection by 4 PMTs (blue, green, red and transmission) located directly after the objective, a mode that is ultra sensitive and allows for deep sample penetration. The main objectives are 2 long working distance (LWD) dipping lenses (16x NA 0.8 and 60x NA 1.0). A intravital stage with 4 cm vertical clearance and ± 2.5 cm movement in the x/y axes allows measurements in whole animals. The TriM Scope may only be used for projects that are necessarily requiring a multi photon microscope and will always be operated by Nicolas Dross from the NIC staff.


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