Nikon SMZ25 stereo zoom microscope

The Nikon SMZ25 is a stareo zoom microscope equipped with the following objectives:

  • SHR Plan Apo 0.5x NA 0.1 (working distance 71mm)
  • SHR Plan Apo 2x NA 0.3 (working distance 20mm)

By an optical zoom mechanism each objective's magnification can be changed by a factor of up to 25 (from 0.63x to 15.75).
The objectives do not require the specimens to be covered with coverslips. In addition the 2x objective has a correction collar to compensate spherical aberration if specimens are submerged in medium.
The SMZ25 offers brightfield and epifluorescence illumination (X-Cite Xylis LED light source) in three channels: DAPI/EGFP/DsRed.


The SMZ25 is equipped with with

  • a Nikon DS-Qi2 monochrome camera. It uses a 16 MP 24 x 36mm monochrome CMOS chip of which 1609 x 1609 pixels are used.
  • a Nikon DS-Fi3 5.9 MP CMOS color camera. If offers resolutions of 1440 x 1024 or 2880 x 2048 pixels.

Filter Cubes

The SMZ25

  • "DAPI": EX 377/50 DM 409 EM 447/60
  • "EGFP": EX 470/40 DM 505 EM 525/50
  • "DsRed": EX 545/30 DM 570 EM 620/60
EX = excitation wavelength; DM = dichroic mirror (shorter wavelength pass the mirror, longer wavelength are reflected for detection); EM = emission wavelength. Notation: center wavelength [nm]/bandwidth [nm]


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