The InVi-SPIM is a lightsheet microscope for live imaging of smaller samples of up to 200µm diameter. Signals can be detected in 3 channels (490, 561 and 640nm excitation).

Unlike the UltraMicroscope II, the InVi-SPIM is a lightsheet microscope designed for live imaging and for smaller samples such as organoids. InVi-SPIM is the abbreviation for "Inverted View Selective Plane Illumination Microscope", i.e. the detection takes place from below, in contrast to the upright UltraMicroscope II. The sample holder is therefore freely accessible. Several samples can be placed next to each other and imaged sequentially. The required volume of medium is very small. The illumination is done by a 10x NA 0.3 objective (Nikon), the detection by a 25x NA 1.1 objective (Nikon) on an Orca Flash 4.0 V3 C13440-20CU sCMOS camera with 2048x2048 pixels with a physical size of 6.5 x 6.5µm. The QE reaches values above 80% in the medium visible wavelength range.

Orientation of illumination (IL) and imaging (IM) objective plus sample holder (SH) in the InVi-SPIM
InVi-SPIM illumination and detection.
Illumination (IL) and imaging (IM)
objective plus sample holder (SH).

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