Telephone Numbers


Other NIC phone numbers:

Room U04 (Huygens room: image analysis computers, access to the servers running the Huygens deconvolution program, office of Nicolas Dross) - phone (06221) 54‑51390

Room U05 (office of Ulrike Engel and Christian Ackermann) - phone (06221) 54‑5652

Room U13 (C2 plus confocal microscope and ERS-6 spinning disk confocal) - phone (06221) 54‑51392

Room U14 (LaVision Biotech TriM Scope multi photon microscope) - phone (06221) 54‑51393

Room U15 (VoX-Ti spinning disk confocal, Nikon TIRF, Ni-E widefield microscope, SMZ25 zoom microscope and Nikon BioStation) - phone (06221) 54‑51394

Room U29 (Andor TuCam, Nikon N-SIM, Nikon Ti-HCS) - phone (06221) 54‑51421

Room U30 (LaVision Biotech UltraMicroscope II light sheet microscope) - phone (06221) 54‑51434

Room U36 (A1r confocal and InVi SPIM) - phone (06221) 54‑51425



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