Nikon C2 Plus confocal microscope

Pointscanning confocal microscope with 4 channels: 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm excitation. FRAP and photoactivation experiments are possible.

The C2 Plus is Nikon's "work horse" point scanning confocal microscope. It provides 4 laser lines (405, 488, 561 and 640 nm) and is able to take images of up to 2048 x 2048 µm pixels resolution. The scan head is attached to a fully automated Nikon Ti2 microscope and entirely controlled by the NIS-Elements software. Extended life experiments are faciliated by a Nikon Perfect Focus System that continuously determines the distance to the coverslip, readjusting it if required, for instance due to changes because of thermal drift. ROIs of any shape can be defined for fluorescence recovery- and photoactivation-experiments.

Nikon C2 confocal microscope


  • Nikon Plan Apo 4x NA 0.13
  • Nikon Plan Apo 10x NA 0.45
  • Nikon Plan Apo 20x NA 0.75
  • Nikon Plan Fluor 40x NA 1.30 oil immersion
  • Nikon Apo λS 60x NA 1.40 oil immersion (working distance 0.14mm)
  • Nikon Plan Apo VC 60x NA 1.20 water immersion


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