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Perrey, R., Hauser, M.-T. and M. Wink: Cellular and subcellular localization of peroxidase isoenzymes in plants and cell suspension cultures from Lupinus polyphyllus. Z. Naturforschung 44c, 931-936, 1989

Ristow, D., Scharlau, W. and M. Wink: Population structure and mortality of Eleonora's Falcon Falco eleonorae. In: Raptors in the Modern World (Meyburg and Chancellor, eds.), WWGBP, Berlin, London and Paris, 321-326, 1989

Ristow, D. and M. Wink: Cory's Shearwater - a clever energy conserver among our birds. Nature, Hellenic Orn. Soc. Newsletter, 31-34, 1989

Wink, M.*: Induction of alkaloid formation in plant cell cultures. In: Highlights of modern biochemistry (A. Kotyk, J. Skoda, V. Paces, V. Kostka, eds.), 1183-1192, 1989

Wink, M.: Genes of secondary metabolism: Differential expression in plants and in vitro cultures and functional expression in genetically transformed microorganisms. In: Primary and Secondary Metabolism of Plant Cell Cultures (W.G.W. Kurz, ed.), Springer-Verlag Berlin, 239-251, 1989

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