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Gross, R.V., Baer, E., Koch, R., Marquard, R., Trugo, L. and M. Wink: Chemical composition of a new variety of the Andean Lupin (Lupinus mutabilis cv. inti) with low alkaloid content. J. Food Comp. Anal. 1, 353-361, 1988

Mühlbauer, P., Witte, L. and M. Wink: New ester alkaloids from Lupins (Genus Lupinus). Planta Medica, 237-239, 1988

Perrey, R. and M. Wink: On the role of piperideine and tripiperideine in the biosynthesis of quinolizidine alkaloids. Z. Naturforschung 43c, 363-369, 1988

Ristow, D., Ristow, T. and M. Wink: Use of nest box by Eleonora's falcon. Falco eleonorae. Hellen. Orn. Soc. Newsletter 4, 22-24, 1988

Wink, M.*: Plant breeding: Importance of plant secondary metabolites for protection against pathogens and herbivores. Theoretical Applied Genetics 75, 225-233, 1988

Wink, M.: Kartierung der Wintervogelverbreitung in Nordrhein Westfalen. Charadrius 24,162-170, 1988

Wink, M. and D. Schneider: Carrier-mediated uptake of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in larvae of the aposematic and alkaloid exploiting moth, Creatonotos. Naturwissenschaften 75, 524-525, 1988

Wink, M., Schneider, D. and L. Witte: Biosynthesis of pyrrolizidine alkaloid-derived pheromones in the arctiid moth, Creatonotos transiens: Stereochemical conversion of heliotrine. Z. Naturforschung 43c, 737-741, 1988

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