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Welcome to the IPMB website "Scientific English & Communication"!

As a service to our "newcomers" and as a refresher for our home staff, we are offering a language and communication assistance program, aimed at a more efficient interaction among colleagues, doctoral students, technical staff, and lab trainees - as well as a foundation on which to build a thorough, elaborate, and well-structured vocabulary in the English language as a prerequisite for becoming a successful scientist, proficiently operating in the international science community giving presentations, writing papers, and interacting with officials, peer, and the public.

Here you will find:

1. A word list
: "Base Vocabulary" - 100 important words for the lab.

A downloadable voice file (MP3) with the corresponding pronunciations
(in American English)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

2. Scientific Research Papers  - 10 Golden Rules

3. Presentations - 10 Golden Rules

4. Posters - Skill and Art of a Good Poster Presentation pdf

5. Please register for language classes offered by our and other university departments and the various public institutions.

We are looking forward to having you here and to the contributions you will be able to make to life at our institute - and wishing you a pleasant stay at IPMB.

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