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Scholars in Residence


In order to intensify international contacts, FIIT has set up seven well equipped work spaces in its building in Heidelberg's historic center.

This was an important step in creating the Scholars in Residence Program. For a time period of 3-12 months, visiting scholars may use Heidelberg's academic facilities, e.g. the excellent library of the theological faculty. Since 2006, researchers from Brazil, China, Denmark, Finnland, the UK, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Tanzania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the USA have benefited from this opportunity to use Heidelberg's academic infrastructure (see their list  here).


Dr. Dirk Smit (Princeton Theological Seminary, Stellenbosch University, South Africa):


"It is difficult to imagine a more ideal setting to spend research time than the FIIT. On the one hand, one thinks of the beautiful building with its wonderful setting, garden and views, the efficient infrastructure and helpful assistants, the quiet, peaceful offices. During my (alway too short) visits it was a joy to walk down the cold and (still) quiet street – and make myself at home before the computer, looking out of the window in the direction of the Neckar. On the other hand, one thinks of the vibrant academic atmosphere in Heidelberg, the colleagues from the different seminars and disciplines, the interesting post­graduate students, the wonderful library collections, informal discussions and the regular opportunities to meet other scholars passing through as well, from many places, disciplines and backgrounds. As a stimulating intellectual and enjoyable cultural experience, the FIIT in Heidelberg is strongly recommended – as a place to read, think, imagine, write, but also to network, meet, converse, and celebrate friendship."


Dr. William Schweiker (Professor of Theological Ethics, Director of The Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, The University of Chicago):


"It is a great honor and intellectually invigorating to participate in the work of the FIIT. Located in the midst of one of the world’s greatest Universities near the Theology faculty and also the heart of the beautiful old city in Heidelberg, the FIIT is an ideal place for scholarly work. The range of programs as well as state-of-the-art facilities enables cutting edge interdisciplinary religious and theological scholarship among scholars from around the world. For me, the FIIT is the model for the direction that scholarship must take in our global age."



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